St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church
Diocese of the South - Orthodox Church In America
181 Preston Road, Denison, Texas
COVID-19 Update
St. Paul's Temporary Change to Services Amid COVID-19

Below please find the safety measures to attend services at St. Paul's. These are the guidelines from St. Seraphim Cathedral. 

We will begin to have Typica services starting July 19th. 

In order to attend I need to know you are coming. 

With the social distance required we can accommodate 15 people. There are strips of blue tape on the floor for family to stand/sit for the service. 

I'm very excited for our parish to move toward a semblance of normalcy. While none of this is normal, it  is what is necessary at this time.  

1. You are not exhibiting any signs of sickness of any kind.

2. You are not suffering any chronic health problems.

3. You have not had contact with anyone who has COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Healthcare professionals working with COVID-19 patients are asked to remain home.

4. You have not attended another Orthodox Church service or other large gathering of people in the last 14 days.

5. You signed up for the Liturgy in advance. Those who arrive without signing up in advance will not be admitted.

6. You are wearing a cloth mask and continue to do so throughout the service. It is to be removed to receive Holy Communion. (Children under eight years of age are not required to wear a mask.)

7. You disinfect your hands with the sanitizer that we provide at the door. 8. You remain on the spot marked on the floor for physical distancing. Families are to stand close to one another. Children are to remain by their parents at all times.

9. You refrain from touching the holy icons, sacred vessels, or the priest's hand.

10. You depart promptly at the dismissal at the end of the service, not remaining to visit with anyone or taking children to the playground.

In Christ, Archimandrite Gerasim

For those who have questions or need clarification, please contact Father Deacon Herman at 580.340.2070.
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Saint Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church in Denison, Texas is part of the Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church In America which was born out of the work of Russian missionaries that arrived in Alaska in 1794. The Orthodox Church In America is part of the world wide communion of canonical Eastern Orthodox Christian churches that hold the Tradition given by Christ to the Apostles. Sister churches include the Russian Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church, the Antiochian Orthodox Church, the Romainian Orthodox Church and many others.

Saint Paul’s is a parish with a membership of life long Orthodox Christians and converts to the Orthodox faith. Although most of our members were born in America some were born in the Orthodox lands of eastern Europe. English is the language used in all of the services.

Visitors are always welcome. New to the Orthodox Church? Check out the "Come and See" tab on the menu.

Saturday, December 5th
5:00pm Reader's Vespers
Sunday, December 6th
St. Nicholas
9:10am 3rd and 6th Hours
9:30am Typika Service
Saturday, December 12th
5:00pm Reader's Vespers

The Mission of The Orthodox Church in America, the local autocephalous Orthodox Christian Church, is to be faithful in fulfilling the commandment of Christ to “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…”

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St. Paul the Apostle Orthodox Church is part of the Diocese of the South, which is presided over by The Right Reverend Alexander, Bishop of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese. Our mission is bringing the joy of Christ's resurrection to those who have never heard the Good News, and to strengthen and encourage the faithful who reside within Denison and the local area. 

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The Holy Scripture is a collection of books written over multiple centuries by those inspired by God to do so. It is the primary witness to the Orthodox Christian faith, within Holy Tradition and often described as its highest point. It was written by the prophets and apostles in human language, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and collected, edited, and canonized by the Church.

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Holiness or sainthood is a gift (charisma) given by God to man, through the Holy Spirit. Man's effort to become a participant in the life of divine holiness is indispensable, but sanctification itself is the work of the Holy Trinity, especially through the sanctifying power of Jesus Christ, who was incarnate, suffered crucifixion, and rose from the dead, in order to lead us to the life of holiness, through the communion with the Holy Spirit.

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